Googly This



I am so spaced out on deadline that I’ve forgotten to blog, and am now going into writer’s exile for a bit to get my projects done. So I am leaving you with lovely link to someone in Sweden with a wonderful sense of humor. Because we sure need it:


They Had Faces Then


796.jpgSo I was skimming through the bad news in The Guardian early this morning when I saw this photo illustrating a story about the acclaimed photographer Peter Lindbergh’s “Best Photograph.” (Read it here:


It reminded me of many hours spent in Cafe Tabac on E. 9th Street, which was a model/modelizer hangout in the 1990s, and one of my hangouts too as it was conveniently located a half-block away from the brownstone where I used to live.


It also reminded me of the interview I did with Cindy Crawford at that time, in the Revlon offices after she’d been hired as a face of the brand. She picked at a piece or two of sushi, rolled her eyes at the groveling PRs, and, when I asked her if she was a Buddhist like her then-husband, Richard Gere, she shook her head.

“I have my own Cindy Crawford religion,” she said.


In case you were wondering.

Anita Pallenberg RIP


Anita Pallenberg was one of those It Girls of the 1960s. She managed to finagle herself backstage at a Rolling Stones gig, where Brian Jones met her and became besotted. After a brief and violent relationship with him, she and Keith Richards fell in love, had three children (one of whom died at 10 weeks from pneumonia), took enough drugs that it was a miracle both survived, and moved on to become an actress, model, muse, designer, artist.


I met her very briefly during one of the craziest weekends I ever spent back in the day, when Marianne Faithfull was in NYC to do a gig on Saturday Night Live after her brilliant album, Broken English, was released and became a surprise hit. Suffice to say that I can’t quite share the details of what went down…only that it was no surprise Marianne lost her voice for that gig. The appearance she made at the Mudd Club after that, with Anita in tow, has now passed on into rock legend. So when I think of Anita, I can’t help but think of Marianne, who shocked and thrilled me a few months ago when she Friended me on Facebook.


Too many of the It Girls (and Boys) who were It when I was coming of age seem to be leaving us. It’s inevitable, of course, but it still takes your breath away when it happens.



Older Than The Hills


It has been assumed for years that Homo Sapiens has been evolving on this planet, leaving destruction in its wake, for a mere 200,000 years. Looks like paleo-anthropologists were only off by a mere 100,000 years, thanks to the discovery and testing of bones found in a remote Moroccan cave called Jebel Irhoud.


This discovery is stunning. Especially the jutting chin. Read more here:


But don’t tell the Creationists. It’s been a rough year for their denial.

Honey, Can You Mow the Lawn?


Now here’s something you don’t see every day.

Not just an enormous tornado near the small town of Three Hills, in the province of Alberta, Canada, but a man insouciantly mowing his lawn seemingly in the face of catastrophe. He had a chore to do, and he was gonna get it done. Cecilia Wessels snapped this photo of her husband Thesis, and later explained that the tornado was much further away than it seems in this image.



Kudos to you, Thesis! May your garden always flourish.