On Election Day, I thought it appropriate to cover something frivolous to counter the lies and spin by a certain party about the state of our nation and who deserves to serve it….

Luckily, I have a boy. We were able to skip the Pink Aisle in the toy stores, except when looking for a birthday present for one of his princess-loving friends. He utterly disdained Hello Kitty merchandise and all related crapola. Did I ever say what good taste he has?

Hello Kitty merchandisers, on the other hand, have shown an appalling lack of taste with their latest venture: Drunken Kitty! Or rather, Hello Kitty “beer.” It comes in these perky little cans, has half the alcohol of regular beer, and is available six fruit flavors, including peach, lemon-lime, passion fruit, and banana.

The Hello Kitty people swear up and down that these cans of fruity goodness buzz-kill are not being marketed to kids or teens, but to the adult women who might not want to drink regular beer for fear of looking too butch.  What a joke.

Excuse me while I go hurl.


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