You have to wonder how the stars were aligned for such monumental decisions to have taken place in such a short time. Gay marriage legalized…Obamacare saved yet again…the Confederate flag seen as the symbol of racist hate that it actually is…. And in Adoption Land, the heinous wretch behind years of trafficking in Guatemala, Susana Luarca, was sentenced to 18 years in prison, and the JCICS, the lobbying group that sanctioned the unethical crimes of its members for most of its existence, is shutting down. Whoa!


What a tragedy, though, that so many people had to suffer and die for these monumental decisions to have come to fruition.

2 thoughts on “WHAT A WEEK!

  1. I take exception to your comments about Susana Luarca. She was our attorney in two adoptions from Guatemala and completed said adoptions with complete integrity. We know this for a fact as we have contact with the birth mother of my two children. She also completed the adoption of my nephew with the same professionalism she displayed with our adoption. I haven’t read through your blog yet, but would be interested to know what has caused your extremely negative comments about Susana.

    • Am very sorry I didn’t reply sooner but I have been on hiatus from blogging. Susana has a long history of problem adoptions as has been posted extensively on the support groups for Guatemalan adoptions for years. The Guatemalan press reported her arrest for adoption corruption. I should think that any lawyer who is arrested for crimes against children is worthy of extremely negative comments. And as I and other adoption corruption watchers have said ad nauseum over the years, the best con artists, crooks, and scammers always add legitimacy to some of their operations – it’s an ideal way to get defenders and more clients. If you have any new info on her, please share it. I would love to be able to revise my opinion.

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