You’ve Got to Be Carefully Taught


Well-done to the Pleasant Run PantherBots, a team of nine and ten-year-old students at Pleasant Run Elementary School, who won a robotics challenge at Plainfield High School, in Plainfield, Indiana. An amazing achievement for these young kids who’d only been working together for a few months. They’re now going on to the world championships.

Not well-done to the racists who not only taunted these kids during the competition, but actually waited outside in the parking lot to continue to spew their bile and hate when the competition was over. White racists. Now there’s a shocker. These horrible parents were so upset that their precious little white snowflakes were beaten by a team comprised of two black kids and three Latino kids, who clearly were more clever and inventive, that they showed the world what kind of people they are–and thought they could get away with it. I sincerely doubt this was the first time these parents let rip with this kind of ugliness. You have to pity their children.

Administrators at Plainfield High were quick to condemn this behavior, but it is obvious what kind of community this is.

A Mike Pence kind of community.


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