They Had Faces Then


796.jpgSo I was skimming through the bad news in The Guardian early this morning when I saw this photo illustrating a story about the acclaimed photographer Peter Lindbergh’s “Best Photograph.” (Read it here:¬†


It reminded me of many hours spent in Cafe Tabac on E. 9th Street, which was a model/modelizer hangout in the 1990s, and one of my hangouts too as it was conveniently located a half-block away from the brownstone where I used to live.


It also reminded me of the interview I did with Cindy Crawford at that time, in the Revlon offices after she’d been hired as a face of the brand. She picked at a piece or two of sushi, rolled her eyes at the groveling PRs, and, when I asked her if she was a Buddhist like her then-husband, Richard Gere, she shook her head.

“I have my own Cindy Crawford religion,” she said.


In case you were wondering.

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