What will happen today - this photo is from the previous transit on June 8, 2004

Today is a memorable day for astronomers (and astrologers), as Venus transits the sun. These transits are rare; they take place twice within 8 years and then not again for over a hundred more. So I sincerely doubt that any Lurchers will be alive for the next 2 transits in December 2117 and December 2125, but that’s no reason not to celebrate the wonders of the universe right now.

I love cosmic alignments. I wish I could have been in Hawaii today where the glorious spectacle will be visible for 6½ hours. The forecast today for NYC is for unsettled and cloudy, so it might not be possible to see anything (you also can’t look at the sun without protective eyewear and a good telescope). But everyone can watch a stream online – check out NASA or or

As they say on the Transit site, you can learn a lot from a dot!



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