I love this blog, Land of a Gazillion Adoptees (at http://landofgazillionadoptees.com/). This week, they’re featuring the long overdue “Why the Adoption Establishment Annoys Me” blog-fest, and the entries are fantastically well-thought-out, provocative, and a counterpoint to the crap the adoption industry spews on a daily basis.

Did you know, for example, that Rick Santorum sponsored Jerry Sandusky as an “Angel in Adoption”? Shows you what kind of people are hiding behind a smokescreen of “we’re only in it for the children” slogans.

Fellow PEAR board member Barbara McCartney has posted, as well as my friends over at ReformTalk – check out the tab on the right.

It’s too bad that the people who most need to read these blogs – and believe them – are the prospective parents stuck deep in denial, and the adoption agencies who’ll do whatever it takes to stay in business, even if it means trafficking children.

Did you know that the facilitator AJ used for her Cambodian adoption went to prison after being convicted on charges of visa fraud and money laundering? Has AJ ever spoken up about it?