Idaho Insults


When you deface a memorial to a murdered 15-year-old, you have to be pretty rank.


Especially when the 15-year-old is the murdered Anne Frank.


Some feral anti-Semites and racists took out their permanent markers and showed their Trump side to the citizens of Boise when they defaced the marble at the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial, a now-sacred site for contemplation and mourning. Not only will it cost a fortune to replace the marble, but they have spit on the memory of every person murdered due to hate.


Bad enough that we have Russian cameras in the Oval Office. We have white supremacists, bigots, and racists supporting the man who put them there. Even when Trump resigns or is impeached, these haters aren’t going anywhere. Not even the dank, dismal caves they lurk in.

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Forty years ago today, Tricky Dicky left the White House. For good. And not a moment too soon.

His mania for tape-recording practically his every thought has since revealed him to be a morally bankrupt, paranoid, racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic hypocrite.

It was a sad day when he was elected. And a happy day for this country when he was gone from power.

Not that the Impeach Obama nitwits care to remember. It means they have to read. Understand the implications of Watergate.

History, for them is, ya know, just a bit too much work.