Tim Willcox is a well-known, well-experienced, and well-liked journalist with the BBC. He is also an anti-Semite.


At the recent Parisian rally help in memory of the Charlie Hebdo and kosher supermarket murders, he was interviewing a Jewish woman (who didn’t speak English well—why should she, as she’s French!). What did this moron say to her? “Palestinians suffer hugely at Jewish hands as well.”

Yes, the Palestinians have suffered. But that isn’t the point. WHY would a journalist bring that up at a rally for 17 murdered people, 4 of which were murdered only because they were Jews? Why conflate the Israeli/Palestinian conflict with murders in another country? You only do that if your anti-Semitism is so deep-rooted that you don’t even recognize what slips out of your mouth.


Many were outraged by Tim’s thoughtless stupidity. Especially when it was revealed that the woman he hectored was the daughter of Holocaust survivors.

Tim has since apologized. “Really sorry for any offence caused by a poorly phrased question in a live interview in Paris yesterday – it was entirely unintentional.” That’s a crock. He stated his anti-Semitic opinion. The same opinion that so many others have. The Israelis are doing x, which means all the Jews in the world are responsible for it and bring hate upon themselves.


Sorry, Tim. Your “unintentional” just isn’t good enough.