Like father, like son.

Take a look at these video:

In them, Rafael Cruz, who spawned Ted to ostensibly rule the world, spouts off on matters which, it must be said, prove nothing more than his grotesque avoidance of the truth.

His misreading of what our Founding Fathers truly believed in is so off-base as to sink a battleship.

His claims about Obama’s birth are regurgitated racist nonsense.

Rafael’s done pretty well for himself after being an immigrant from Cuba to Canada and then the USA.

Too bad his heart is as small as his brain.

He doesn’t want anyone else let into this country to have the same kind of opportunities.

Hasta la vista, pal.


Don’t let the door slam on your sorry buttinski on the way out.


On a nicer note, extreme endurance swimmer Diana Nyad made through the Gulf of Mexico—all the way from Cuba to Key West. Astonishing! Over 110 miles. No shark cage. Treacherous currents that pulled her off course. She’d tried before but the jellyfish got to her, and this time she went out with a special silicone face mask and other protective covering.

I love that a woman had the guts and stamina to undertake such a risky endeavor. It took her 53 hours.

Even more amazing—Diana Nyad is 64 years old.

“It was difficult to breathe,” she said afterward, “but my resolve on this thing was deep. I just had this attitude of: It doesn’t matter what it is, find a way.”

Now that’s what I call Lurching with Style.

And knowing how to live, too.


The 85-year-old Fidel Castro turned decrepit decades before his eligibility into Lurcherdom, and has been responsible for countless human rights violations and human suffering over his way-too-many decades in power, but for once I totally agree with him.

“The selection of a Republican candidate for the presidency of this globalized and expansive empire is – and I mean this seriously – the greatest competition of idiocy and ignorance that has ever been,” he said.

Too bad he hasn’t been as honest about Cuba.

Ego, bluster, cruelty - Castro or Newt?