You’re Only as Old as You Feel


With all the unbelievably rancid news coming out of our nation’s capital, let me focus today on something lovely instead. Pierre Bergé was the long-time lover and business partner of Yves Saint Laurent, who died in 2008. He just married his partner, architect Madison Cox. Because, finally, he could.


“I have lived two big love stories before, with Bernard Buffet during 10 years and with Yves Saint Laurent during 50 years,” Bergé said. “Gay marriage didn’t exist. Today, I am making my relationship with Madison Cox legal.”


May they have many happy years together.



You have to wonder how the stars were aligned for such monumental decisions to have taken place in such a short time. Gay marriage legalized…Obamacare saved yet again…the Confederate flag seen as the symbol of racist hate that it actually is…. And in Adoption Land, the heinous wretch behind years of trafficking in Guatemala, Susana Luarca, was sentenced to 18 years in prison, and the JCICS, the lobbying group that sanctioned the unethical crimes of its members for most of its existence, is shutting down. Whoa!


What a tragedy, though, that so many people had to suffer and die for these monumental decisions to have come to fruition.


This is a very short entry to match the length of John Boehner’s compassion.

When asked on ABC’s This Week about Rob Portman’s gay marriage about-face, and whether he’d change his mind should any of his family members come out, Boehner had this to say:

“I believe marriage is a union between one man and one woman. It’s what I grew up with, it’s what I believe, it’s what my church teaches me, and I can’t imagine that position would ever change.”

What a guy.



Here’s some of what was good:

President Obama worked it, and mercifully was reelected

President Obama endorsed gay marriage

Some of the most egregiously offensive male politicians who thought they could get away with telling women how to live in their bodies got the boot

Jerry Sandusky will never get out of prison

Katie gave Tom the heavo-ho, and Scientology is exposed for being even more ludicrous than previously believed

Kate Middleton’s burgeoning bump will keep print magazines in business

Nincompoops who thought 2012 was the end of the world found out just how wrong they were

Here’s some of what was bad:

Mass shootings of innocents thanks to assault weapons

Superstorm Sandy

Voters actually hit the button for Moneybags Mitt

Michele Bachmann was reelected

Too many people still listen to Rush Limbaugh and believe the filth that comes out of his mouth (especially about Sandra Fluke and Trayvon Martin)

Obsessing about the iPhone 5

The Kardashians in any form whatsoever

Whitney Houston died in a bathtub for all the wrong reasons


There’s plenty more but I am too Decrepit to remember.