Chasing My Money


So I get an alert that my bank account was overdrawn when I knew it shouldn’t have been. Go to Chase. Find out some heinous sack o’crap forged my name  – having somehow gotten my bank account # – and took out much of my money. Then Chase tells me it is an active investigation and my account is frozen for 10-30 DAYS. Yes, a month of no access to MY MONEY that I put in a bank so it would be safe.


See this other heinous sack o’crap? Am sending him the bill for all the problems this is going to cause me. Never bank with Chase.



Here is my message to the hackers who created the virus that ate my computer: There is a special circle of hell waiting for you. You will be given a pencil (no sharpener), a leaky pen, paper that shreds as soon as you try to write on it, and no access to anything electronic for the rest of eternity, and told to get to work. You are worthless scum and I hope your lives are nothing but misery, suffering, and that you get the worst case of boils on your smirking disgusting behinds ever seen so you can never sit without screaming in agony.

Yeah, and have a nice day, too. Pigs.

And that is why I haven’t been blogging!