These men have proven Mitt Romney’s ludicrous point: Their decision is akin to saying that corporations are people, too. In this case, they made a truly horrifying decision, based on their own horrifying religious dogma (how very UNCONSTITUTIONAL) to allow a truly horrifying, misogynist, sexist, antisemitic, anti-Muslim, anti-any-religious-that-isn’t-theirs, hypocritical company like Hobby Lobby to impose its aforementioned will on the private lives of its female employees. Never mind that they do business with companies that deal with abortions or buy so much of their crap from China (that hotbed of forced abortions) or fund the birth control for their male employees. They are disgusting bigots and need to be boycotted.

This is one of the worst Supreme Court decisions in the history of this country. The gloaters are going to be sorry once the implications sink in and it affects them in ways they didn’t think possible. Until then, it’s time to funnel the rage into boycotts so these hypocrites get hit in the only place that matters to them–their bottom line.