Legible Latin


Hadrian’s Wall didn’t exactly keep the barbarians at bay, did it? I am in such a state over the killers in the House of Representatives and the further demise of common decency in this country that I can barely concentrate on the new deadlines looming, so I’m always happy to be diverted by some wonderfully arcane snippets about real scholars, real research, real intelligence, and real decency.


Enter Roger Tomlin, a world expert at deciphering nearly incomprehensible Latin ephemera somehow still preserved after thousands of years–and as sloppily written then as a lazy student’s writing would be now.

Bloomberg writing tablet 30 WEB (c) MOLA.jpg

If you love words, and seeing how a genius unravels ancient mysteries of script, do yourself a favor and read this piece: http://www.newyorker.com/tech/elements/how-to-decode-an-ancient-romans-handwriting?mbid=nl_TNY%20Template%20-%20With%20Photo%20(163)&CNDID=39110183&spMailingID=10936643&spUserID=MTMzMTg0NTczOTA2S0&spJobID=1160181350&spReportId=MTE2MDE4MTM1MAS2.


I hope it makes you feel better. Especially if you have any preexisting conditions.