In a mind-boggling display of entitlement-drenched cluelessness, a venture capitalist named Thomas Perkins saw fit to pen a letter to the editors at the Wall Street Journal, entitled “Progressive Kristallnacht Coming?”

In further proof—as if you needed it—that sacks’o cash do not necessarily buy class, brains, compassion, or understanding, Thomas had the audacity to complain about how awful it is to be referred to as the “one percent,” and to (gasp!) have to pay taxes on his gold bars. Why, it’s just as awful as being a Jew in Germany, about to be exterminated! 

“I would call attention to the parallels of fascist Nazi Germany to its war on its ‘one percent,’ namely its Jews, to the progressive war on the American one percent, namely the ‘rich,'” wrote Mr. Greedy Guts. “From the Occupy movement to the demonization of the rich embedded in virtually every word of our local newspaper, the San Francisco Chronicle, I perceive a rising tide of hatred of the successful one percent. There is outraged public reaction to the Google buses carrying technology workers from the city to the peninsula high-tech companies which employ them. We have outrage over the rising real-estate prices which these ‘techno geeks’ can pay….This is a very dangerous drift in our American thinking. Kristallnacht was unthinkable in 1930; is its descendent ‘progressive’ radicalism unthinkable now?”

Wow! Some middle fingers have been wagged at the smarmy mugs of spoiled, overpaid techno-brats on their free busses to work—just like hard labor at Bergen-Belsen!

Wow! Some spoiled, overpaid techno-brats have pushed the middle class out of the neighborhoods they’ve lived in all their lives—just like being herded into the Warsaw Ghetto to die of starvation!

Wow! Some spoiled, overpaid venture capitalist looks out at all those horrible poor people standing in line for a free meal because greedy pigs like him have closed their factories—just like having your business smashed to smithereens and being told you’re vermin before being shot by the Gestapo!

Thomas Perkins, please, go off in one of your private jets to one of your mega-mansions and lick your horrible, painful, life-changing, soul-sucking wounds in private. While you’re moaning about the savage public reaction to your disgusting paean of selfishness and greed, perhaps you might consider a more suitable means of disposing of your fortune.

To, perhaps, the survivors of the Holocaust.



Yesterday I wrote about the joys of civic kindness in San Francisco. Today it’s back to the joys of drug abuse and hypocrisy—the joys of enforcing drug laws and following your own philosophy in life.

Yes, today’s topic is Florida Republican Congressman Trey Radel.

Thirty-seven-year-old Radel tried to broaden his appeal to a younger demographic by referring to himself as a “hip hop conservative.”  He just broadened his appeal to junkies everywhere when he got arrested for cocaine possession in tony Dupont Circle in Washington D.C. He spent $260 of his salary—funded by us, the taxpayers of the United States—on 3.5 grams of the powder. Turns out this was a deliberate sting, as one of the dealers had snitched on him in exchange for a plea bargain. I’m sure DEA agents were foaming at the mouth to find out which elected official was looking to play in the snow.

I do want to point out that normally I wouldn’t devote a blog to a drug-abusing person in a position of power—there are countless numbers of them, and they need help and support. But Trey is a Tea Party darling who not only spouted off on family values and upholding the Constitution (which, remarkably, does not mention cocaine). He also co-sponsored legislation to change mandatory minimum drug sentencing laws, and voted for a bill in favor of food stamp recipients being subject to mandatory drug-tested before receiving their benefits.

This is about as grossly hypocritical as it gets, and Radel deserves all the shame he has received. Should Reps and Senators be drug or alcohol-tested now before receiving their salaries?

Radel has publicly apologized and said he’s taking a leave of absence and donating his salary while he goes to rehab. The guilty plea meant he won’t get slammed with a maximum sentence of 180 days in jail, a $1,000 fine, or both. Instead, he got a paltry year of probation. If he’s a good boy, his guilty plea will be expunged.

“I have no excuse for what I have done. I have let down our country,” he admitted at a news conference. Earlier, he had blamed his woes on growing up with an alcoholic mother. “I struggle with the disease of alcoholism, and this led to an extremely irresponsible choice,” he said. “As the father of a young son and a husband to a loving wife, I need to get help so I can be a better man for both of them.

“However, this unfortunate event does have a positive side. It offers me an opportunity to seek treatment and counseling. I know I have a problem and will do whatever is necessary to overcome it, hopefully setting an example for others struggling with this disease.”

If you really want to set an example, Trey, you can man up and resign.

Or at the very least, reverse your stance on drug testing.



After mourning the loss of JFK and the writers who died earlier this week, I wanted to share this deliciously heartwarming story of brotherly love. It’s been all over the Internet and deservedly so, but hey, it’s too yummy not to post.

Miles Scott has been battling leukemia for 4 of his 5 years, and mercifully he is not in remission. The Make-a-Wish Foundation and the citizens of San Francisco went way, way beyond his wish to be a superhero for a day by transforming their streets into Gotham City.

Miles is not just a pint-sized Batman, he’s a real life hero for enduring what he has. And all the thousands of people who helped make his wish a reality are heroes too.

Even President Obama called in to wish Miles well.

Support Make-a-Wish. I can’t think of a better way to help a child in need.

Holy cancer-killer, Batman!

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