I happen to think that mountain climbers are nuts. Just because a hunk of rock is there, why show the world that you’re more like a goat than a sane human being? Especially when it puts so many people at risk. (Four climbers just died near the summit while waiting to peak due to gridlock–how’s that for ridiculous? They had to wait for the weather to clear and too many got going at once.)

Never mind. Just asking.

Still, even if you loathe the idea of oxygen deprivation, avalanches, crevasses, and crampons, all props are due to a Japanese climber. Tamae Watanabe is 73, and she just climbed Mt. Everest. She’s the oldest person to have done so.

The most fit Lurcher ever. And she looks ecstatic. Must be the altitude--and the accomplishment

She may also be the most nuts, as she had already done it a decade before.

Check back in 10 years from now. I’ll bet she’ll be back up there.

Now that’s what I call Lurching with style.