Oh, the irony! The man whose mission is to destroy Obamacare (and everything else in this country) is signing up for Obamacare!


When Ted’s wife quit her cushy banking job to follow him around like a dutiful dog go on the campaign trail, she lost her health insurance. Ted claimed that it was mandatory for his family go through the exchange, but that’s just another one of his lies. Yes, members of Congress must do that—but not their spouses. They could just as easily have signed up for any other plan of their choosing.


But it would have cost them more.


Or not…

Further to what I wrote yesterday, I think it’s worth pointing out that Popular Science has been forced to disable their comment section. Why is that, you may wonder? For the same reason I posted about yesterday—the sheer stupidity and denial of those who think that the Koch Brothers care about their welfare, that Sarah Palin is an enlightened thinker, and that Ted Cruz understands the true meaning of Green Eggs and Ham.

In other words, the morons, spammers, Fox News watchers, and troll-bots hijacked so many comments sections that they interfered with, um, the science.

You know—those pesky little things called FACTS.

I sincerely doubt that these science-deniers would be so quick to slam it if they needed emergency surgery. Why should they be given anesthesia or antibiotics or painkillers if they don’t believe in the science behind the marvels of modern medicine? Pull out the hack saw, give ‘em a few swigs of demon run, and cut away. Plug your ears to drown out the screaming. Then watch them die a slow painful death from gangrene.

I’d love to read the comments they’d post then.


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) recently released their fifth assessment report.

It’s a doozy. Not unexpected. But still a doozy.

Despite the Koch Brothers’ desperate attempt to keep their pollution-spewing businesses running, evidence is more incontrovertible than ever that naughty lazy humans are making Mother Earth one hot mama. The last three decades have all been a whole lot warmer than all the previous decades put together since 1850.

That’s a lot of hot air.

The ice is melting. The oceans are churning. Sea levels are rising.

The world is changing.

And we’re responsible for it.

I’d like to believe that the amount of brainpower out there can figure out some way to lessen the blow. Look at how technology has changed everything about how we live—shocking, actually, in just the last 20 years; my son can’t conceive of life without a computer and a smart phone. Surely we can come up with some way to lessen our dependence on fossil fuels, ease energy consumption, and cool Mother Earth back down.

Or maybe not.

Just ask Rand Paul and Ted Cruz what to do.

They’ll be happy to tell you!


Like father, like son.

Take a look at these video: http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2013/10/ted-cruz-rafael-father-video-christian-tea-party.

In them, Rafael Cruz, who spawned Ted to ostensibly rule the world, spouts off on matters which, it must be said, prove nothing more than his grotesque avoidance of the truth.

His misreading of what our Founding Fathers truly believed in is so off-base as to sink a battleship.

His claims about Obama’s birth are regurgitated racist nonsense.

Rafael’s done pretty well for himself after being an immigrant from Cuba to Canada and then the USA.

Too bad his heart is as small as his brain.

He doesn’t want anyone else let into this country to have the same kind of opportunities.

Hasta la vista, pal.


Don’t let the door slam on your sorry buttinski on the way out.

THE $20,000 TEABAG

There’s hypocrisy, and then there’s Ted Cruz.

In a New York Times interview on Thursday, Teabag Teddy’s wife, Heidi, stated that her hubby was on her health plan. Provided by her employer, Goldman Sachs. Teabag Teddy was too much of a coward to say it himself.

Well, isn’t that rich. Literally. Dirty stinking bank gets the big bail-out from President Obama and the Democrats to save their dirty stinking hide. Yet dirty stinking Goldman’s PAC donated $65,000 to Teabag Teddy’s Senate campaign.

That Teabag Teddy’s wife has a high-profile, high-stress job—and they have a live-in nanny to care for their two young daughters—at an investment bank doesn’t seem to register with the great unwashed horde of his moronic fans. Why should they believe that he cares for them? Especially the ones who can’t pay their medical bills. The ones who earn about as much every year as Heidi’s health plan costs ($20,000, in case you’re wondering—and Goldman gets a nice fat tax break on it, too).

At the very least, Goldman Sachs should donate $65,000 to the food banks of Texas, to help feed the starving locals.

Who can’t get jobs thanks to the piggery of Teabag Teddy.

Be Indignant. Do Something.

Make sure this hypocrisy is exposed.

And never let this Teabagging slice of crumb cake ever get reelected.



Wednesday night, a House stenographer named Dianne Reidy let rip with comments nearly as insane as everything that had already come out of the Cruzilians in the last two weeks: “Do not be deceived,” she cried out. “God shall not be mocked. A House divided cannot stand. He will not be mocked, He will not be mocked, (don’t touch me). He will not be mocked. The greatest deception here is that this is not one nation under God. It never was. Had it been, it would not have been … No. It would not have been. The Constitution would not have been written by Freemasons … and go against God. You cannot serve two masters. You cannot serve two masters. Praise be to God, Lord Jesus Christ.”

Poor Diane. If I’d had to listen to the bilge being spewed as she did, I’d have gone bonkers too.

But then…she offered this explanation: “For the past 2 and 1/2 weeks, the Holy Spirit has been waking me up in the middle of the night and preparing me (through my reluctance and doubt) to deliver a message in the House Chamber. That is what I did last night.”

Okay, Diane. Whatever you say.

For a great commentary, read this:





If you want to make a point about loving our country, perhaps it might be a good idea to leave the Confederacy in the pages of the history books.

In other words, if you’re scheming low-down lying hypocritical Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz, strutting your stuff at protests at the World War II memorial about a closed government—never mind that the Cruzilian Cowards are the morons who closed the government in the first place—you might want to rethink aligning yourself with the racists waving a Confederate flag outside the White House.

Where a black family lives.

I honestly believe that the likes of Palin and Cruz don’t care at all about the significance of flying this flag.

Even though it’s a grotesque insult to every slave in this country, and every soldier who died because of slavery.

But that’s sham patriotism for ya!





As we Lurch into another week of Tea Party/Cruzilian madness, here are the only two things you need to remember:

Says President Obama:  “The American people elected their representatives to make their lives easier, not harder.

Says Repesentative Jim McDermott: “Dealing with terrorists has taught us some things. You can’t deal with ’em. This mess was created by the Republicans for one purpose, and they lost. People in my district are calling in for Obamacare—affordable health care—in large numbers. These guys have lost, and they can’t figure out how to admit it…. You can’t say, OK, you get half of Obamacare—this isn’t a Solomonic decision,” McDermott said. “So we sit here until they figure out they fuckin’ lost.”

Not that the Cruzilians care.