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Avenue Magazine article Sailor Brinkley Cook by Karen Moline
Avenue - Helloooo, Sailor!
Sailor Cook, the daughter of model Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook, could have become a Kardashian-like wannabe, but instead is a charming, smart, savvy, and hard-working model and photographer. This young woman is definitely going places. Including her favorite, secret beach in the Hamptons that she absolutely would not divulge!
Tatler - Shopping for a New Nose
Of all the beauty stories I've written, this was by far the most entertaining - I got paid to go get free consultations at famous plastic surgeons' offices. Seeing all the miserable teens and their determined moms in the waiting rooms made me so glad I'd never gotten the snip in high school.
Village Voice - Getting & Spending
My friend, the photographer Stephanie Chernikowski, regularly photographed this shopping column for the Village Voice, and somehow I managed to convince her editor that I'd be good at doing some of the stories. I'd scout the stores and she often used me as a model. Writing these little items (for which I was paid a princely 50 bucks per) helped launch my career, as I could tell other editors that I wrote for the Voice and they'd be duly impressed LOL.
Nylon - Read My Lipstick Case
Nylon is known for being hip, groovy, edgy, whatever. When I was writing for them, they were also known for not paying their writers on time, which is an aggravating part of a freelancer's life.
Harper's Bazaar - Say Goodbye to Cellulite
One of the most gratifying aspects of writing beauty features is being able to write about treatments I otherwise couldn't afford or wouldn't choose to pay for LOL. In this case, I was lying on that table in a nano-second - and it was also satisfying to find a new treatment that did seem to work at the time. I also wrote a long feature about Botox for HB, but my wonderful editor left before it could run. At least I was semi-wrinkle-free till the juice wore off.
Self - Clay Cures, Stress and Skin Care, and the Proscar Treatment
I started writing short beauty features for Self in 1993 - it was my introduction into the wonderful world of professional product freeloading. I did wonder at first why so many beauty editors rarely wore makeup, until I realized they got so many lipsticks and mascaras and bottles of perfume that at the end of the day, once the novelty of the freeloading wears off, there's only so much stuff you can actually use. Still, for a confirmed perfume junkie, having access to the wonders of scent sampling made me one happy sniffer.