As a freelance journalist, I have written over 600 articles for websites, magazines, and newspapers in America and around the world, most notably the UK and Australia, concentrating on popular culture, entertainment, celebrity profiles, beauty, fashion, health, parenting, and public interest issues.

Online Journalism

Although I concentrate on writing books now, I am fortunate to have a brilliant editor, Michael Gross, at Avenue magazine. I've done two recent cover stories for him: the lovely Sailor Cook, and the divine Ann and Mick Jones. See the links below.

The wonderful Rene Syler and I collaborated on her book, Good Enough Mother, which was published in 2008, and she has since turned the concept into a brilliant, game-changing website and brand. I write a monthly beauty column [Click here] for GEM, where I spotlight my inner beauty junkie while writing up many unique and useful beauty products (and yes, I test them all!)

I was one of the Special Correspondents for the website,, whose motto was "Discover Who's Changing Your World." I profiled a lot of fascinating people and also line-edited most of the features, but unfortunately the owner pulled the site with no warning to all of us who worked so hard to make this site unique. You can find it in the Wayback Engine.

More of my beauty writing can be found at Just put my name in the search button on the top left. This is a great site for moms of all ages.

Chicago-based film critic Ray Pride and I were the "Two on One" online columnists for the then-fairly-new website, These weekly back-and-forths weren't quite so easy as you'd think, back in the days when the dinosaurs roamed aka dial-up. Still, we had a blast doing these and it was a shame that our editor left and the idea was killed.

Print Journalism

US Publications

Adoptive Families
Avenue (Read:
Sailor Cook, Ann and Mick Jones, The Value Years)
Bergdorf Goodman magazine (Read:
Let Them Eat Chocolate)
Daily News (Read:
Celebrity Ski Do)
East Village Eye
Egg (Read:
Liam Neeson, Where There's Smoke... There's Firemen, Spandau Ballet)
Glamour (Read:
You're What? Pregnant?)
Harpers Bazaar (Read:
Say Goodbye to Cellulite)
Interview (Read:
Mamie Van Doren, Donald and Wendy Woods, Samantha Fox)
Mirabella (Read:
After the Fall)
More (Read:
Fran Descher)
Neiman Marcus The Book
New Look
New Woman
New York
New York Rocker
New York Times T Travel Sunday magazine (Read:
Other People's Houses)
New York Woman
Nylon (Read:
Read My Lipstick Case)
Premiere (Read:
Liam Neeson)
Robb Report
Self (Read:
Clay Cures, Stress and Skin Care, and the Proscar Treatment)
Seven Days
Toronto Life Fashion (for Canada)
Village Voice (Read:
Getting & Spending)
W (Read:
The Beautiful and the Wasted)

UK Publications

Elle (Read:
Sean Young, Lothaire Bluteau)
For Him
Financial Times
The Guardian (Read:
Hanks, but No Thanks)
Hot Air (Read:
Cher, Jodie Foster)
HQ (Read:
Martin Scorsese)
London Evening Standard
New Woman
The Observer magazine
Sunday Express magazine
Sunday Mirror magazine
Sunday Times
Tatler (Read:
Shopping for a New Nose, Life's a Bitch, Physical Jerks, How Far Will a New Yorker Go for Sex)

Australian Publications

Elle (Read:
Priscilla Presley, Jackie Collins)
Fashion Quarterly
Mode (Read:
James Woods, Isabella Rossellini, Uma Thurman)
New Woman
Women's Weekly (Read:
Tony Curtis, Christopher and Dana Reeve, Joan Collins, Domino Harvey, Martina Navratilova, Sex and the City Author)